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Do You Have Happy Genes? October 4, 2012

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Do You Have Happy Genes?

People can be clinically depressed, but clinically happy?

According to the documentary Happy which is a film that streams together an interesting range of people who have studied happiness, 50% of our happiness is based on genetics, based on a genetic set point. Some of us have a higher set point, and some, a lower set point. Surprisingly, only 10% of our happiness depends on circumstances, such as social status and jobs (only ten percent!!)  The last 40% is left to us. How do you fill your 40%, and how we feel about it?

I have been dealt a good set of cards. I come from good genes. I come from dinner around the table, home by five, cookouts, cousins, aunts, uncles, farms, ponds, corn and soybean fields. I come from a stable, loving beautiful family who believe in the motto that “everything will be okay.”

I have happy genes. Strong, beautiful, healthy, happy genes.

How are your genes? Do you have happy genes?


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